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Grandma in a phone call with a beautiful smile - Dentures
Grandma in a phone call with a beautiful smile - Dentures

It would be an enormous understatement to suggest that dentures are anything new to the field of dentistry. In reality, dentures in some shape or form have been in existence since the 7th century BC! Earlier iterations were probably not as comfortable or well-fitting as modern dentures. Thankfully, contemporary dentures not only resemble natural teeth, but they are also reasonably comfortable and allow individuals to eat a variety of foods and speak with confidence without worrying about the appliances slipping. Whether you have lost your teeth or require teeth extraction, Dr. Jovanovic has the expertise to provide dentures to patients from The Woodlands, Willis, and Spring, Conroe TX.

Traditional Dentures

Dentures are a type of prosthetic device used to replace missing teeth. They are typically made from plastic or acrylic resin and are designed to fit the user’s mouth as closely as possible to their natural teeth. Dentures are removable and are held in place either by suction or with the help of a special adhesive. They can be a cost-effective way to restore your smile and can provide support to remaining healthy teeth, help with speech, and maintain dental care.

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Types of Dentures

In general, dentures can be divided into two categories: partial dentures for those who only require a few teeth replaced, and full sets that include both the top and bottom plates. Patients seeking a full set of dentures have two options to choose from:

While getting used to new dentures can take some time, Dr. Jovanovic can offer helpful tips on what foods to avoid until the patient gets comfortable with the appliances. Once adjusted, modern dentures can improve the patient’s quality of life and oral hygiene in numerous ways.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Improved Appearance: Dentures can help restore facial structure and a natural-looking smile.

Dentures can also help to improve your overall appearance by helping to keep your facial muscles in shape and in the right positions. This can help to give a more youthful look to your face and can also help you to look more confident and attractive. Additionally, dentures can help to stop wrinkles and other signs of aging, as they help to keep your facial muscles toned and in the right positions. Finally, dentures can help to restore your self-confidence, as they allow you to smile and speak with ease, without worrying about how your teeth look.

  • Improved Speech: Dentures can help improve speech by providing the correct placement of teeth for proper articulation.

Dentures can also help to support the facial structure, which can help to improve speech. When the teeth are in their proper place, the tongue, lips, and cheeks are also able to move freely, helping to create more precise and clear speech. Additionally, dentures can be fitted to the exact size and shape of the mouth, allowing for more accurate pronunciation of words. Finally, dentures can help to prevent the misalignment of teeth and help to fill in the gaps between teeth, both of which can help to improve speech. Overall, dentures are a great way to help improve speech and make speaking easier.

  • Improved Eating: Dentures can help to restore proper chewing ability and nutrition.

Dentures can also help improve the overall appearance of the smile. When teeth are missing, the face can take on a sunken look, causing a person to look older than they actually are. By filling in the gaps with false teeth, dentures can restore the natural contours of the face, giving the person a younger, more vibrant appearance. Additionally, dentures can help improve self-confidence by allowing the person to smile and speak without worrying about gaps or missing teeth. Wearing dentures can be a big boost to a person’s overall quality of life.

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  • Improved Self-Esteem: Dentures can help to restore a person’s confidence and quality of life.

Having a full set of teeth can help to improve the way a person looks and feels. Not having teeth can lead to a person feeling embarrassed and ashamed, as they may feel their appearance is not up to the standard they desire. However, with dentures, a person can restore their smile and look the way they desire. This can lead to improved self-esteem and the feeling of being comfortable in their own skin again.

Dentures can also improve the way a person speaks. Not having teeth can lead to difficulty in articulating words, as well as slurring. This can make it difficult for a person to communicate with others, as well as have a significant impact on their self-esteem. With dentures, a person can speak more clearly and feel more confident in their words.

Overall, dentures can have a huge impact on a person’s self-esteem. They can help to restore a person’s smile, the way they look, and the way they speak. All of these factors can combine to lead to an improved sense of self-worth, and the confidence to take on new challenges in life.

  • Improved Oral Hygiene: Dentures help to keep the remaining teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Having dentures can also encourage individuals to be more proactive in their oral hygiene. This is because when dentures are being used, the gums need to be kept clean and healthy. This means brushing and flossing the remaining teeth and gums daily and visiting the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. Keeping the gums in good health helps to reduce the risk of developing gum disease, and can also help to reduce bad breath. Additionally, using a special denture cleaner can help to remove any plaque or tartar buildup that may have accumulated on the dentures. This helps to improve their appearance and keeps them smelling fresh. With good oral hygiene habits, dentures can help to improve overall oral health and maintain good oral hygiene.

  • Cost Effective: Dentures are typically more cost-effective than other tooth replacement options

Dentures are also a great option because they are easy to maintain and can last for many years. They can be easily cleaned with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and denture cleaner. Dentures are also a convenient option because they can be taken out when needed, so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way of your daily activities. Additionally, dentures can be easily repaired or replaced if they become damaged or worn out. All of these features make dentures a great, cost-effective option for those who are looking to replace missing teeth.

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Caring for Dentures

Dentures should be cleaned daily with a soft toothbrush, a special denture brush, or a combination of the two. This should be done with mild soap recommended by the dentist and warm water. It is important to avoid using hot water and abrasive toothpaste as this can cause damage to the dentures. Dentures should be soaked in a denture cleaning solution or warm water overnight to keep them moist and prevent them from drying out. Dentures should be removed and cleaned after every meal and prior to going to bed. It is also important to visit the dentist regularly for check-ups and to get dentures professionally cleaned.

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