Teeth Whitening

Women with a beautiful white teeth - Teeth Whitening
Women with a beautiful white teeth - Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a speedy and cost-effective means to enhance your smile’s aesthetics, leaving you with a brighter smile. Although ads and commercials for various over-the-counter products are prevalent in Conroe, The Woodlands, Willis, and Spring, Texas areas, our patients should understand that such products only provide slight brightening results with frequent use. To attain optimal results, patients should opt for professional whitening procedures conducted by their dentist. Dr. Jovanovic and her team are delighted to provide Zoom! Whitening, one of the most effective fast-acting teeth whitening treatments for her patients.

What You Should Know about the Teeth Whitening Procedure - Zoom! Teeth Whitening In-Office

The in-office Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure has gained immense popularity among dentists across the United States, owing to its remarkable results. Dr. Jovanovic is one such dentist who recommends this treatment to patients seeking a beautiful smile. This treatment removes surface stains on teeth and fixes tooth discoloration. The procedure is initiated by applying Zoom! Whitening gel to the patient’s teeth. This professional grade gel is activated using a special light that accelerates the whitening agent’s action, brightening the teeth.

The entire process is repeated two more times in the office, each lasting around 15 minutes. This ensures that the teeth achieve the desired shade of whiteness. Patients can relax and listen to music or watch TV while undergoing the procedure. The Zoom! Whitening treatment is not only fast and simple but also non-invasive and virtually painless. 

One of the greatest benefits of Zoom! Whitening is the immediate and noticeable difference it makes, giving you a whiter smile. Patients are often amazed by how much whiter and brighter their teeth appear after just one in-office treatment. Additionally, the procedure is entirely safe and has been thoroughly tested and approved by the American Dental Association.

If you desire whiter teeth that enhance your confidence, Zoom! Whitening System is an excellent choice. Dr. Jovanovic is proud to offer this treatment to her patients and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have to find out if it’s right for you.

Teeth Whitening Montgomery Park Dental TX

Zoom! Teeth Whitening Take-Home Kits

Dr. Jovanovic believes that Zoom! Whitening System provides the most effective results when administered in-office initially. In-office treatment ensures that the patient’s teeth are evenly whitened, and the desired shade is achieved. However, maintaining the results of the in-office treatment is crucial for a long-lasting, bright smile.

To help patients maintain their pearly whites, Dr. Jovanovic offers Zoom! Whitening take-home kits. These kits contain a custom-made tray that fits your teeth perfectly, ensuring the whitening gel is evenly applied. The trays can be worn for a designated amount of time, depending on the desired results, and can be used anytime, anywhere, and in the comfort of your home.

Using Zoom! Whitening take-home kits in conjunction with regular dental check-ups and cleanings can help keep teeth looking healthy and bright. Patients who follow this regimen can achieve long-lasting results with minimal effort and time commitment.

Dr. Jovanovic’s staff is always available to guide patients on the proper use of the take-home kits and answer any questions they may have. Additionally, take-home kits are also a cost-effective option, making them a popular choice among patients who seek a long-lasting and bright smile without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, Dr. Jovanovic’s approach to teeth whitening provides patients with optimal results and ensures that their teeth remain as white as possible. Her use of Zoom! Whitening System and take-home kits have helped many patients achieve the bright, dazzling smile they’ve always desired.

Woman Teeth Whitening Montgomery Park Dental TX

Teeth Whitening Reminders

While there’s no doubt that patients see remarkable results from our Zoom! Whitening services, there are some things to consider before having your own teeth whitened:

Dr. Jovanovic can help you to decide whether teeth whitening is right for you.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Montgomery Park Dental TX
  1. Enhanced appearance: White teeth can make your teeth look brighter and healthier, giving you a more attractive smile. 
  1. Improved confidence: Having whiter teeth can make you feel more confident in social situations. 
  1. Reduced staining: Teeth whitening can help reduce the appearance of discoloration caused by coffee, tea, or smoking. 
  1. Easier maintenance: After a teeth whitening treatment, it’s easier to maintain a white smile by using whitening toothpaste or other products. 
  1. Long-lasting results: Teeth whitening results can last for several months or even years, depending on how well you care for your teeth.

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To find out more about teeth whitening services, call our dental office today and schedule an appointment. We are pleased to serve our dental patients in Conroe, The Woodlands, Willis, and Spring, Texas area.

Call Our Office Today

To find out more about teeth whitening services, call our office today and schedule an appointment. We are pleased to serve The Woodlands, Conroe, Willis, and Spring, Texas area.

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